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Main Features

  • Live Sync orders from Commerce7 to ShipStation.
  • Pushes tracking information back to Commerce7 and fulfills orders automatically.
  • Sync additional product details, such as bottle volume in ml, or bottle size.
  • Sync Commerce7 order notes and flags (Optional).
  • Sync Commerce7 customer flags (Optional).
  • Sync order tags (Optional).
  • Sync Metadata, Channel, Requested Ship Date… and more!
  • Complete customization of ShipStation field mappings via intuitive settings page integrated right into

App Technical Description

An extremely fast and lightweight app for syncing orders from Commerce7 to the ShipStation fulfillment platform. This app was developed in the GO programming language to sync orders as quickly as possible.

This app integrates with Commerce 7 to pull order data, including (optionally) order notes and flags, customers flags, order tags, and product details. It uses the Commerce7 API to request data in JSON and submits it to ShipStation in XML format.

Also supports live syncing of changes from Commerce7! If an order is updated in Commerce7, the app can push the changes to ShipStation. This includes order cancellations, new notes, flags, tags, etc.


Create Accounts

  1. Sign up for a ShipStation account.
  2. Install the app on the Commerce 7 App Store.
    • Go to apps in the Commerce7 Admin Panel. You will need to be an admin user for your company to install apps.
    • Search for ShipStation by MarsBytes Software.
    • Enter a username and password for use in the following steps.
  3. Find your Custom Store XML Link in the app settings page located within the Commerce 7 Admin Panel.Custom XML Link

Set up a custom store in ShipStation

  1. Sign into ShipStation, and add a custom store.Image of Custom Store Setup on ShipStation
  2. Search “Custom” in the search bar and find “Custom Store”Image of Custom Store Setup on ShipStation
  3. Enter the Custom XML Link, and username and password you created in step 2.Image of Custom Store Setup on ShipStationPress “Test Connection”, then “Connect”.
  4. (Optional) Customize your settings in the app settings page!ShipStation API Commerce7 App Integrated Settings Page
  5. Sync your first orders!

Contact Info

If you have any errors or problems, please reach out to with the following information:

  • Commerce7 Winery Name.
  • The Custom XML URL link for your winery.
  • Screenshots of error messages.
  • Steps to reproduce the error.

We take all bug reports seriously and will work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and support!