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Bulk Product Editor Icon - Cloud with up arrowBulk Product Editor


Main Features

  • Quickly make product updates in bulk.
  • Turn shipping On or Off for a list of SKUs.
  • Update Weight, Cost, Prices, and More.
  • Example .CSV files available for download.
  • Integrates directly into the commerce7 UI.
  • Download a report of transactions and their status if any transactions failed, know exactly which rows had errors.
  • Easily re-upload reports, rows with a status of ‘success’ will not try to post again.

App Description

Allows users to upload a .csv to preform product updates on in bulk, instead of manually entering each desired update via the normal means.

Provides a results page with a downloadable report of transactions if any transactions failed to post with errors for easy corrections of data.

This app was coded to be extremely fast and lightweight app for editing products in bulk directly from the Commerce7 UI. This app was developed in the GO programming language to process transactions as quickly as possible. The only limiting factor is the rate limit set by commerce7 of 100 requests per minute.


  1. Install the app on the Commerce 7 App Store.
    • Go to apps in the Commerce7 Admin Panel. You will need to be an admin user for your company to install apps.
    • Search for “Bulk Product Editor” by MarsBytes Software.
  2. Find the app interface in the Commerce 7 Admin UI.
    • Find and click “Store” on the left hand side of Commerce7, and you’ll see the Product Editor link within the items listed.Store Icon on Commerce7.comShows the Cloud upload icon for Bulk Product Editor
    • Image showing the location of the Bulk Product Editor app under the Store menu item in Commerce7's Admin UI.
  3. Select the desired Inventory Action. Note that Creating new products and deleting products is not yet active.Inventory Uploader Integrated UI - Select Action
  4. Set the email and conditions. Turning on either Email Results or Errors Only and providing a valid email address will allow you to receive the results as an email so that you do not have to remain on the processing page while a batch completes. We recommend turning these on, but they are off by default.Image showing how to set the email options
  5. Download a sample file for the currently selected action. Note: Leaving values blank in the template is fine, this will not override any values for those fields on the products. In order to overwrite a field to be blank, you must enter “MAKEBLANK” in the desired field, without quotes.Image showing the location of the download template button in the bottom left side of the page
  6. Upload your .CSV file with the desired transactions.Image showing the location of the upload button in the bottom right hand side
  7. Process your transactions! Note that batch uploads larger than 50 products may be rate limited by Commerce7. If large batches are being processed, we recommend turning on the email options mentioned prior so that you can be notified of the results without needing to remain on the page.Image showing the batch processing page
  8. Your batch will process and a report of the results will be available for download if any transactions failed. If email transactions was turned on, you will receive an email with this same file. If email errors was turned on, you will receive an email if the batch had any errors.Image showing a batch complete with 20 posted transactions and no errors
  9. The file will contain all your rows with the status and error message appended (If any errors occurred on that row).Image showing the status and error headers in an excel file, with some errors listed
  10. If there were any errors, you can safely re-upload this file after correcting any mistakes and the rows with status “Success” will be ignored!

Contact Info

If you have any errors or questions, please reach out to with the following information:

  • Commerce7 Winery Name.
  • Screenshots of error messages. (If Applicable).
  • CSV File which produced the error.
  • Steps to reproduce the error.

We take all bug reports seriously and will work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and support!